Graffiti without Gravity

The European Space Agency (ESA) & The Hague Street Art are joining forces for a unique crossover project between (street) art and space exploration.

On May 18th, 10 top European street artists will be competing to create their own masterpiece on a 2 x 2m canvas in Noordwijk, using ‘space’ as inspiration. A three-member jury will decide, together with the online audience, which artist created the very best artwork within the deadline of one day. For the winning artist awaits a very special prize: he or she will become the first street artist to make a piece of art weightless. By means of a parabolic flight, this artist becomes the first street artist in space. Graffiti without gravity!

Interested in participating yourself!?

There are two ‘wild cards’ available for artists in the making.

To participate click here or go to the ‘WILDCARD’ tab.