Lily Brik

Lily Brik was born in Lleida 27 years ago and from very young she showed interest in design and the arts in general and this led her to study Advertising Graphic Design.

For several years she worked as a designer for different companies and entities, and among of them we must mention Biciene, Whatthefactory and the Red Cross.
With the experience that she gained, she was put at the head of a printing company managing the personnel, the resources and directly coordinating the design area.
After two years at the head of the printing company, she began to explore new ways to direct her artistic concerns and in this search she crossed paths with the spray.
In a short time her hobby became a profession and jobs began to appear. Her first paid job, the redhead Juliette, is a mural made in the fields of Alguaire that sought to be a tribute to women and in a short time it was spread throughout making her work begin to be done well-known

In the almost three years that she has been active, she has participated in different Festivals, including the Cheste Festival, the First edition of the Penelles Festival and the Murcia Street Art Festival.
She has also been a finalist of the Artistic Announcement of the Vallpalou Foundation and has exhibited in the gallery of the Foundation.
Her murals are distributed throughout Catalonia and other regions of Spain, having the mark of having made the largest mural in Spain made by a single woman (480 m2)
During the second half of 2017 she has developed different international projects that took her to the end of July in France to participate in the Hotel 128 project and by the end of the year in Gambia to participate in a solidarity project.